Modified telescope mounts and found household objects

Antiplanet is an installation of household objects that have been recalibrated. Using the same equipment and techniques that are used for guiding telescopes, the nineteen kinetic sculptures have been aligned with the axis of the planet, and rotate at the same speed—but in the opposite direction. This keeps the orientation of the object static in relation to the rest of the cosmos, while the Earth rotates below.

To align the objects with the axis of the planet, the angle of the telescope mounts are set to the latitude of of their location (for example, Oslo at 59.9º), and are turned to face geographic north. The small motors attached to the mounts then rotate the axis to make one revolution every 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds (known as a sidereal day), matching the rotational speed of Earth. The rotation, however, needs to be in the opposite direction in order to stay in alignment with the celestial sphere—just like a telescope tracking a star.

Exhibition: Radii, Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden (2018)

Exhibition: Høstutstillingen, Kusntnernes Hus, Oslo, NO (2018)

Exhibition: Studio 17, Stavanger, Norway (2017)


NRK P2 Radio, Verdibørsen  /  “Har kulturen blitt natur?” 46:00–49:11

Universitas  “Mennesket mot naturen” by Vera Maria Gjermundsen

Subjekt “Høstutstillingen er ingen kuratorisk drøm, men det trenger den heller ikke være” by Ingrid Tellefsen Relling

Dagbladet  “På det beste er Høstutstillingen et underholdende og litt rart og viltert eventyr” by Arve Rød

Project supported by Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet) and Norwegian Visual Artists Fund (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, NBK)