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Axis Calibration II (59.9º, Oslo)

Shirts, jackets, pants, dress, underwear, shoe, necklace, hair elastic, kitchen towel, bedsheets, bath towel, bathing suit, scarf

Axis Calibration II (59.9º, Oslo) is an installation of household textiles and clothing, stretched and aligned with the axis of the Earth as calibrated from Oslo, Norway.

This work was created for the exhibition "Here and Not" at Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo, Norway, with artists Richard Alexandersson and Pete Fleming. Several of the objects in the installation (including a pair of jeans, shoe, and blue rope) were used in a collaboration with artist Richard Alexandersson: the selected objects were animated into his two-channel 3D animated video "bl00m".

Center screen: "bl00m" (2015), Richard Alexandersson. Right screen: "Getting pulled in while being thrown out, old traps disperse through new forms" (2017), Pete Fleming.

Center screen: "bl00m" (2015), Richard Alexandersson.

Right screen: "bl00m" (2015), Richard Alexandersson.

Left screen: "bl00m" (2015), Richard Alexandersson.