Mars Crater Certificates
, 2015
Eight certificates for the naming rights to craters on Mars


The craters were named for the organizer and other artists taking part in a group exhibition at Semperdepot, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Vienna, AT.

Aksenova Crater
⌀1.08km, Lat/Lon -14.85ºN, 60.64ºE, for artist Ksenia Aksenova

Daniell Crater
⌀1.02km, Lat/Lon -21.08ºN, 87.18ºE, for artist Anna Daniell

Frank Crater
⌀1.04km, Lat/Lon -46.20ºN, 250.04ºE, for curator, writer, and professor Rike Frank

Golaszewska Crater
⌀1.00km, Lat/Lon 11.43ºN, 122.09ºE, for artist Agnieszka Golaszewska

Hegelbach Crater
⌀1.04km, Lat/Lon 12.01ºN, 36.20ºE, for artist Ray Hegelbach

Joung Crater
⌀1.06km, Lat/Lon -26.96ºN, 186.94ºE, for artist Nora Joung

Siljeholm Crater
⌀1.07km, Lat/Lon -16.82ºN, 206.29ºE, for artist Helle Siljeholm

Virag Crater
⌀1.08km, Lat/Lon -21.07ºN, 296.71ºE, for artist Istvan Virag