Materials/Newtons, 2015

Blue rope and a concrete block, aqua fabric, jeans, houseplant, extension cord, coin on a sting, pinewood plank, chair on oranges, granite block with pine bough, marble slab with wet concrete, sand on rice, hand-weight on a leaf, black granite on laundry detergent, a pocketknife, a running shoe on gelatin, granite block on a banana, a spirit level, granite slab on a head of cabbage, a stone in a pool of honey, a ream of paper over cast concrete, a bag of water over a hand-weight, a granite block on a salmon steak, tube of gift-wrap, fire extinguisher on a box of orange juice

Exhibition: EXCESSIVE AND IRRATIONAL, Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NO


The installation combines different materials in different states (for example, oranges and a box of orange juice, or a plank of wood and a wooden chair), with only the force of gravity.