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Found objects, wood, cast concrete, stone

The installation is composed 24 sculptures that combine different materials in different processed states (for example, oranges and a box of orange juice, or a plank of wood and a wooden chair), connected only the force of gravity.

Bag of water on a dumbbell
Balancing bubble level
Balancing pinewood plank
Balancing tube of gift-wrap
Black granite on powdered laundry detergent
Blue rope held down by a concrete block 
Chair balancing on oranges
Coin on a sting
Dumbbell on a calathea leaf
Fire extinguisher on a box of orange juice
Granite block on a banana
Granite block on a pine bough
Granite block on a salmon steak
Granite slab on a head of cabbage
Hanging aqua fabric 
Hangning extension cord
Hanging jeans 
Houseplant on the ceiling
Marble slab with wet concrete
Pocketknife balancing on its tip
Ream of paper over cast concrete
Running shoe on gelatin
Sand on rice
Stone in a pool of honey

Exhibition: EXCESSIVE AND IRRATIONAL, Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NO